Lists of Mac apps with which Hook app is compatible

I have published the first draft of a web page, What Mac Apps Are Compatible with Hook app. I haven’t yet linked it from another help page – I will ASAP.

If you know of other apps with which Hook is currently compatible, please let us know. Some of the apps we have not yet tested are fairly expensive and not owned by us. Others we simply have not gotten to. Or we may have tested by forgotten to list them. Of course, if some of the apps don’t actually work in your experience , we would appreciate bug reports, but please check whether they have already been reported.

Thank you!

I connect web pages to Mathematica notebooks with Hook. Works just as expected.

Also, ChronoSync is compatible

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Since SourceTree is listed as TBD, I tried to use Hook with SourceTree. While it does let you create a link, it is probably not what one wants. SourceTree seems to provide the root directory where the git repository is located, not the actual SourceTree document. So the link created just points to directories that get opened by the Finder.

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Thank you, Ottmar. We will investigate what automation they support which hopefully will be enough. They seem to have rejected AppleScript a while ago [SRCTREE-1169] Adding minimal AppleScript Support - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.. Hopefully they have other automation like JavaScript that we can latch onto.

Add Kindle for Mac? I use this frequently.

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iBooks and Kindle are both on our list to explore more thoroughly. I also use them a lot. As far as I can tell so far, neither one of them are sufficiently scriptable to support the exact solution that Hook enables with more automatable apps. However, I have some features in mind for after the official 1.0 release that will go quite some distance; they will have other benefits as well.

Meanwhile, in my Cognitive Productivity with macOS®: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter with Knowledge, I describe how to use naming conventions to create notes documents that you can quickly access with a launcher or Spotlight. E.g., [<author><title> .

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Hook can link to Curio documents but it does not create links to “idea spaces” (subsections of Curio documents). Idea spaces do have curio:// URLs of their own, so if you work with George Browning at Zengobi he can probably help figure out how to link to the idea space.

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Well, unfortunately Mathematica’s latest version 12.0 broke the compatibility with Hook. They reworked the notebook interface to be compatible with the upcoming Mac OS (version 11 was still a 32bit version), and it seems in the process broke compatibility.

I still use Hook to paste links into the Mathematica command “SystemOpen”. It is a bit more cumbersome, but better than Mathematica’s hyperlinks, which break when a file gets moved.

thanks for letting us know. We will have a look and contact the developer if we can’t work around the limits.

I have to take that back. I’m not sure why it stopped working for me after I installed Mathematica V 12, but it is (again) working as before. May be a temporary confusion with replacing the version of the app?

Great news! Thanks for letting us know.

I have had a couple of occasions where Hook has stopped working properly and a restart has fixed it.

What is the symptom? “No linkable item in …”?

It doesn’t happen often and hasn’t happened for a while. I think it was ‘No linkable item’ in Ulysses the last time it happened. IIRC I could manually get the Sheet ID still, so it wasn’t that Ulysses had frozen up — not saying the issue wasn’t in the Ulysses app but I concluded at the time it was likely a Ulysses Hook freeze of some kind. No idea if still an issue in latest build, and I think it’s only happened twice ever.

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Sorry, I meant I concluded it was a Hook freeze not a Ulysses freeze. I wouldn’t prioritise it though.

That is the message I initially got from Hook after installing the new Mathematica version.

Did the problem happen with Mathematica files that were created by Hook via “Link to New”? Or all/other Mathematica files?

I did not create any of the files via “Link to new”. (I know for sure because I actually never used the “Link to New” item from the Hook menu, only the “Copy as Link” and “Copy as Markdown Link”).

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Thanks much for the extra info. That will help us track it down.

I’m be keen to know when Mathematica links work again. Thanks.