Links to emails from Outlook 16.37 seem to break on Hook 1.7 (3391)


I recently switched to Outlook from for my work emails. Using Hook to generate a link based on items in Outlook yields a URL in the following format: hook://outlook/22637

Hooks I create today and use seem to work just fine. However, links I created a few days ago do not. There is no notification from either Hook or Outlook that the item can not be found. There’s just no indication from anything that an operation had failed.

If I go and trace the original email and use Hook to copy a new link, I am given a new URL which does work.

For what its worth, I am not linking emails to documents specifically. I am using Hook to generate Markdown links to emails, and then dropping those links in the notes of various nodes in a Mind Map I am using to organize my to-dos.

Thanks for mailing about this, @jmbrysk. I hink what you are running into is what is meant here:

Linkable Mac Apps – Hook

Microsoft Outlook: √ (However, hook://outlook email links are not shareable due to limitations of Outlook ).

i.e., Microsoft unfortunately does not expose the email message RFC ID of emails. Outlook uses its own proprietary ID’s, which are not shareable between apps or different users. If Microsoft does come to support RFC ID’s however the RFC-ID based URLs will later be useable.

The other linkable apps use the RFC ID.

An RFC is an internet standard. Compare Section 3.6.4 of RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format . It is very “Steve Balmer style Microsoft” to prefer a proprietary ID. However, I believe successor CEO , Satya Nadella, is more standards aligned. So perhaps he can be persuaded. We are a small fish but with a bit of support on Twitter we may be able to get his attention on this matter. (Aside: My former d.phil supervisor was able to get the attention of Maggie Thatcher on research funding by writing to her —as I described on CogZest. Sometimes leaders listen.)

But if you are saying that links produced by Hook with Outlook no longer work with Outlook, then would you please send me a PIM with

  1. a broken URL that was constructed in outlook previously (i.e., that does not work). If it’s a hooked link, you can select the hooked link and do ⇧⌘M on it, or use the link menu (via ^T or by clickingz).
  2. the result of Copy Link on the same email now in Outlook?

so I can compare the IDs.

thank you