Links should persist after a template Opens

I am still discovering things that I can do using Hook. At first I didn’t think that Hook could recognize a saved search or a templated search using HoudahSpot. I hadn’t yet understood that I can highlight a trigger file, one that triggers some process but doesn’t actually open as a file. I was happy to learn that I can hook to a HoudahSpot saved search in this way.

However, the reason I am posting this, is because once the search is triggered, there is no longer any hook linking to that triggered search result. At first glance, this seems a great idea, to be able to trigger a saved search. But what I am doing is using a saved search to look through through all my supporting evidence for a pseudo legal case I am working on (old USAF and VA records). This means that from time to time I am going to link to a HoudahSpot search on my evidence, look through the results, and drag and drop the part I wanted back onto my document I was in when I first triggered the Hooked link.

Already I can just go to HoudahSpot, click the Evidence search, find the file and then drag it back over to where Nisus was (underneath the HoudahSpot window). I don’t know all the programming involved, but it would be nice if, after the Hook link triggered the search, the resulting document retained the Hook links so that I could use the Hook link to drag the found item back onto the first document I “hooked” from. OMG, this software is making me think about hooking all the time, which is making me a hooker. Now using this software I can say that I am a Hooker! Glad then that I at least got the pro version. :wink: