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Hi, I’m currently trying Hook out. When I paste a link into Reminders, it works, but instead of showing the name of the document, it shows a messy link, like these:
צילום מסך 5781-03-16 ב-9.55.21 לפ׳

I am choosing “Copy link” rather than “Copy markdown link,” and they show up right when pasted into other applications.
Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @josh4224. Glad you are trying Hook :blush: .

When Copy Link is called, Hook actually populates the clipboard with several versions of the link (HTML, RTF, plain text, …) . The app in which you call a “paste” function is responsible for selecting which one to use.

Normally, when you paste in a plain text app you’ll get the URL. And some apps are just a touch above plain text. Reminders is an example of that.

The issue is not specific to Hook. If using Apple Mail, you copy a link received in an email message and paste it in Reminders, you’ll get the same result.

If you need formatted text in reminders, there are fortunately many alternatives to Apple Those we know to be linkable are listed in Linkable Mac Apps – Hook.

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I see, thank you for the explanation!

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I am using Things and having the same issue of long, unwieldy links that are different that when I paste to other apps. Things shows up as a compatible app. Is there a way I need to set it up there? Any help appreciated.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @ Adelaide.

are you referring to hook://file/ links? The links are put in the clipboard. If you paste in a RTF field it should show up in same way in any app. Could you paste here the URL component in Things vs. TextEdit (for instance)?

Yes, many people use Hook with Things.

If you use Hook to Copied Link, the hook://file/ URL is listed below the link name. If you paste it in a RTF field, it should appear as a named hyperlink (meaning the URL will not be visible unless you reveal the hyperlink properties), if in a plain text field, you’ll see the entire link. However, it’s ultimately up to the app in which you paste the link to determine how it should be rendered.

what shows in Things


Vs what shows in Word

Oral history interview with Howard Holderness by Eugene Pfaff :: Civil Rights Greensboro