Links all Tabs to One Another

There are may folks that have requested a way to create a way to link multiple items at one time. I’ve been looking for a way to copy all the urls from my browser (This is done with TextBuddy). I can then paste all the thinks.

Not sure how doable this is but it would be great to create a singular hook file containing a bundle of links. My current workaround is to save all the links to a file and create a hook to that file.

My goal is somewhat of a session manager. I copy all the links hook to them all, then finally use hook to recall the entire stack of urls.

My logic would be to just enter the multiple urls in a single.hook file. These URLs would be one per line.


# MyHookedBrowser.hook

When I open Hook and search for “MyHookedBrowser” (or I hook that file to something else), Then selecting the hook will open all the urls.

By saving the output text to drafts and running a simple drafts action to open all the urls on the line I can get a single hookable url to match add. I still need to write the logic to create the drafts://x-callback-url but once that is done. I can just hook the url to open the requested draft and execute the action.

I made the Copy Open URLs action. It will create a new url and add it to the clipboard. In the future it will just write the path to a prompted filename in the hook folder, adding it to hook.

Sandboxing prevents saving the file to the hook folder in that manner. I’ve added Keyboard Maestro into the mix. This is a little extreme but further explains the need to just build the ability in natively.

Not really progress but still an update. The .hook file that is created is not indexed into Hook even though the file is saved in the Hook Files Directory. Which makes me think there is some Database action that I’m missing in this process. I may need to include a “Crate Hook and point to the file itself” in the shortcut.

The most constistent way to do this for me was to use text-buddy + drafts + Keyboard Maestro

TextBuddy (OPTIONAL) - Get’s All the URLs in the Browser
Drafts - Holds the URLs in a single document and can build the link for Keyboard Maestro to run
Keyboard Maestro (writes the open-draft x-callback to a .hook file and then navigates to it and triggers the “copy hook” hotkey)


But now I can hook several urls together.

Thanks, Jay.

We do expect to enable users to open multiple resources listed in a .hook file later this year. There will be a special element in the file to indicate how Hook should treat the file (i.e., opening first link vs. all links). The default will be to open just the first link (“no surprise” rule for previously created .hook files).