Linking to specific page in Apple Books epub

Please excuse my ignorance, but I’ve read and looked at everything I find regarding “Deep” linking into epub files within Apple Books.

I’ve just learned that all my hooks only link to the book itself and not the pages I created using Hookmark. Is there a better epub reader that supports “Deep” linking in epubs? Have I missed a step along the way? Or have I just misconstrued Hookmarks capabilities?

You direction and help is greatly appreciated.

try marginnote 3, not exactly link to page but specific sentences (you highlight or extract) can be linked

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correct. As far as I know there’s no deep linking to Apple’s books.

thanks for that. are you saying one can link to Apple Books page with that app?

No, that is an independent reader with more useful features.

As far as I know, it’s not easy to link a specific page. Still, I created this shortcut to export all quotes from all apple books to the KeepIt and create a link between quotes and the apple book app (so you can click on the link and open the book on the quote you linked)

mb that can be useful to you

And here is a video example how it works


This looks really promising, however I use DEVONthink Pro as a repository.

When I open up your shortcuts file most of the important bits are not included since I do not have Keepit. Are there any DEVONthink users in the group that can adapt this script for use in Deveonthink?