Linking to papers — helpful for academics and other researchers

With a new academic year soon to start, it may be worth noting that if you’re one of millions of academics, other researchers, or university students out there, then you might find it extremely helpful to use Hook to copy and paste links to PDF files in your

  • task lists/projects (e.g., of papers to read, reference, discuss, etc.)
  • outlines,
  • drafts, as comments (e.g., in markdown, latex, or Word) that don’t show up in the PDF version of your paper,
  • notes about papers you are reading
  • etc.

And of course you can use Hook to link together two mutually relevant PDFs.

This enables you to immediately navigate from the source to the PDF.

Hook allows you to get a robust URL to PDF’s stored in ReadCube Papers and Bookends, in personal information managers, or on the file system, as well in the context of most major PDF readers.

If you have been using Hook for such purposes and would like to share your experience, please feel free to respond.

Or if you are wondering whether to recommend Hook to a family member who fits the bill, please feel free to ask about Hook’s relevance for that.

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