Linking to files/folders on a shared NAS

Is it possible to link to a folder or file on a Synology NAS and have that link work on multiple computers? I’ve got a laptop and a desktop that both have LAN and wireless access to that NAS and I have Hook syncing between the two computers. I tried linking to a folder on my NAS, but then when I click that link on the other computer, it doesn’t work.

Am I missing something obvious with the syncing features in Hook? Or, am I trying to do something that’s not possible? Thanks!

Hi Josh. AFAIK it should work, as long as both computers are on the same LAN and have Hook installed. Can you confirm this?

I just tried it again, and the link worked on the other machine! I guess it can take a while for Hook to sync across devices. I tried clicking the link on my MacBook around 2-3 mins after creating the Hook on my iMac, and it didn’t work. But now, it’s working.

So, I’m not sure how to pinpoint when that sync is happening and is being successful, but I know for sure it works after 12 hours :wink:

Thanks for your help regardless!

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Sync latency is affected both by the sync medium (e.g., iCloud or Dropbox) and Hook. Hook runs sync at a low enough priority not to consume too much CPU.

Hook’s sync will change a bit in an upcoming release of Hook. But that will not be reflected in the UI.

We might later provide a ‘boost’ (Sync Now) option.

Ah gotcha. Yeah I’m syncing over iCloud.