Linking to an existing project

I’m trying to work out whether there’s a way to link an item to an existing project.

Suppose I have Project A in Hook, with various items linked to it But I haven’t touched any of those items for a while. Now I’m going through my emails, and I come upon one that should be linked to Project A.

As far as I can see, there is no way to activate the Hook menu, and from there find Project A and link the email to it. Instead I would have to “Copy Link”, and then manually find another item that was already linked Project A. From there I could “Link Copied Item”.

That requires me to do things that computers are better at: keep track of information, find things.

But I may be missing something; in which case please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, please consider this a feature request.

Hook does not currently display a list of items that are not linked to the current context but which it has previously linked. However, that is definitely on our todo list, along with a host of related features.


  • If the Hook links are to files, you can find them with Spotlight tag:Hook.I.e., that search lists all linked files. A saved search can help there.
  • Often project work revolves around a key document which can be accessed via a random search tool.

Hook is not meant to replace search tools, but it does decrease dependency on them (providing contextual access), and it will do so even more in the future.

Thanks, that makes sense.