Linking TaskPaper files to project-related documents and objects

Yesterday we published a blog post and screencast on How to Turn a TaskPaper File into a Project Information Hub.

These networks of project-related resources will be even more useful when in the Hook window you will be able to see beyond immediately hooked items, i.e., 2+ degrees. This was requested last year and I apologize that we have not yet delivered on that. Well before covid became an issue, we started refactoring the Hook window for this and related navigation features; but then we readjusted our design and our schedule. The navigation features remain a priority.

In addition to what’s described in the blog post/screencast, one can use Hook to New > TaskPaper document. If Hook users who are active on the forum also use TaskPaper, I’m sure they have other ways to use Hook and TaskPaper together.

There’s a related discussion on the TaskPaper forum about how to name TaskPaper files: *.txt vs .taskpaper? - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support. I followed up with some suggestions about filename prefixes … something that deserves a blog post of its own.

Whether one uses Hook or not, TaskPaper is extremely useful task management software.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that a TaskPaper file includes a hook to an OmniFocus project. That illustrates that the two apps can be used together. More on that later.

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Sorry if I missed this aspect, but it seems I could Hook several things to a TaskPaper file but I couldn’t Hook individual projects or task entries within that file to one or more documents?

I like TaskPaper for fleshing out projects and their tasks, but would want to link this task to that file, and the next task to its own file, and so on.

Make sense?

Possible? Probably yes with OmniFocus – but how about TaskPaper?

Thanks for your help. And stay safe :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking, Katie.

@RobTrew provided this example last year TaskPaper 3 example :: links preserving filter state which then links to his post on TaskPaper forum Script :: Create and copy a bookmark to the selected item - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support, which in turn links to the Keyboard Maestro forum.

I don’t find myself linking deeply to TaskPaper files yet (when needed, I still use unique IDs). However, as I said recently we’re very interested in systematic deep linking. And I’ve linked Rob’s the TaskPaper topics to our internal Deep Linking project issue.

Yes, Hook’s Copy Link works on OmniFocus projects and tasks.

And you too :slight_smile: . (Here in British Columbia things have been relatively good health wise. Good fortune and good government. Knocking on wood, of which there is plenty in this province, we’re cutting less of it down these days :slight_smile: )

I’ve got Taskpaper installed, but I don’t get it in the list when I do “Hook to New…” Do I have to do something to set that up?

Thanks for pointing that out, You’d need to add a template here: ~/Documents/Hook/templates/custom templates

i.e., in hook://file/PPMgFmZSC?p=SG9vay90ZW1wbGF0ZXM=&n=custom%20templates

We’ll add one to the built-in templates.

FYI, template folders are described in Notes Tab – Hook.

Would it be feasible to add folder templates as a Hook feature, like the folder in this video, which would automate the renaming and open the hub file (ie. taskpaper doc) just by using Hook’s ‘Hook to New…’?

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I just watched this video and want to give this post a bump — this is a fabulous way to use Hook (even without TaskPaper) and a great way to use TaskPaper too.

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Coincidentally, I put an internal feature request for this too :slight_smile: . Glad to have your vote for it.

To simplify the screencast, I didn’t mention that I typically also have a BBEdit project. So I would include a BBEdit project in my own template folder folder.

Also, I personally would like Hook to have features to deal with BBEdit project files. If the file I am editing in BBEdit is part of a BBEdit project, I’d like them to show up in a section of the Hook window without me needing to hook them together manually (one of many examples like that).