Linking sounds whenever a link is made

I notice that the help for Play menu bar icon linking sounds says “whether via the Hook window or the menu bar icon”. I’ve been wishing for a confirmation sound for a long time. Mostly because a security app on my work Mac interferes with some software and Hook needs to be restarted every week or so. I can’t trust that the link is made after typing Cmd-L, so I have a habit of checking manually.

I don’t hear a sound when I make a link with the Hook window, but I tried the menu bar icon and heard it. I don’t use the menu bar icon, since much of my linked items are web URLs or deep links into apps, not files from Finder.

I’d love some audible feedback on all links made, especially since the preference already exists.

Thanks for bringing this up, @smarj . I’ve moved the topic into Bug Reports category and we will have a look.

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