Linking my pinboard account

Is there a trick to turning on the pinboard integration? I have tried entering every variation of name and also the apikey with and without the name at the beginning and nothing seems to work. it just says unable to verify the account name or api token.

shutting down hook and starting it up a few times got it to work. Great to see Pinboard in the app. Been using it for ages and if you signed up early enough it was about 5 USD for a lifetime account. I see it costs a bit more now.

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thanks for letting us know about the issue, @technovangelist , and for your appreciation of the integration.

I don’t know why it didn’t stick the first time. In our internal and private testing I don’t recall seeing it require a reboot. There was an issue in pre-release where it wouldn’t parse the username if it was in the API token (we weren’t expecting it there) but we fixed that.

We’ll keep an eye out for user reports to try to figure out what happened with your case.

There’s a minor glitch in that disabling Pinboard does not cause the green status light to turn off. But communication with Pinboard when disable does stop in that case. We’ll fix the status “light”— likely in 3.1.

I started using Pinboard around 2015 I think. I find it quite handy too. I’ve asked Maciej Ceglowski to add Hook to page tracking apps that integration with Pinboard — no response so far.

PS, we hope that this integration will also help us reach a lot of Mac influencers, to help get the word out about Hook. I know a lot of bloggers and journalists love Pinboard.

So any social media /email sharing about this would be much appreciated.

We have a fabulous 3.x and 4.x , and beyond product road map :blush: which we have been working on in parallel with 2.x and 3.0. But of course we feel that Hook 1 to 3.0 is itself quite a significant and helpful innovation. But we can’t help being focused on the future :slight_smile: .

I used Pinboard for a couple years and thought it was dead for a long time.

A couple months ago the developer sent an email asking for old-time users to move to a subscription model, so he can maintain the service and continue development.

Maybe Hook will make me use Pinboard again. Let’s see!

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Just as another data point, I was able to get the Pinboard integration working the first time. I’m now a new Pinboard customer and followed the various instructions to get it going without any issues.

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