Linking multiple files in Finder with the keyboard (not drag-and-drop)

I try to use the mouse as little as possible. Frequently, I would like to “mesh-link” all of the files in a search result in Finder. I can select them all and then drag them to the Hook menu-bar at which point they are bidirectionally linked to one another. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to do the same thing with a keyboard shortcut. This seems such an obviously convenient function that I’ve spent quite some time searching for how to do it, to no avail. Though I did come across related posted of mine from a year ago:

So, here’s a feature request!

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Thanks for bringing this up again, @AutonomyGaps. And welcome back to the forum.

Hook 2.0 that we are working on has a new AppleScript dictionary, as noted here . I think it makes sense for us (or anyone who wants) to publish a utility that does that based on the AppleScript (we’re publishing some ‘goodies’). We’re also discussing having a separate linker tool than the menu bar icon, to overcome its limitations.

oh, and re keyboard, we should make it possible to populate the linker tool with the keyboard too. i.e., to create an ‘accumulator.’ (I’m a keyboarder too!)

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Great news that something like this is in the works. (And thanks for the welcome back!).

I realize the that “accumulator” function is complicated, so perhaps it’s lower-hanging fruit just to add a ⌃H shortcut (“Hook Items to Each Other”), which would create bidirectional links among the selected items.

For example, I have a Smart Folder (saved search) with every research-related PDF I’ve opened in the past 24 hours; it would be great to be able open that smart folder, select all, and Hook them together.

By the way, one of the reasons for finding the drag-and-drop inconvenient is that I use Unclutter, which has a “window shade” that drops down every time I drag a file to the top of the screen! Edge case, to be sure. But for keyboarders like us there are other advantages.

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