Linking from real life objects via QR codes

I’m using paper based material in my GTD system too, linking to that is really hard.

  1. Hook could generate a QR code to any link, so I can print and attach it to paper based folders for example.
  2. Later Hook could scan QR codes by the Mac’s camera and bring up OmniFocus projects, Pages files, whatever we need.

Maybe it sounds dumb and not something I consider high priority, but I wanted to leave the idea here for consideration.


That’s not a dumb idea at all. In professional practice you quite often want, in fact may be required by regulators, to keep a paper copy of certain records. Linking OCR’ed scans to the original — or more likely to an index showing where the original is held — could benefit from bar / QR coding as you suggest.

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very cool idea! The generality is partly why Hook has a GUID generator in its Gear > Advanced menu : “Copy a New Unique ID”. Similarly, Hook has " Copy a Search Link from Clipboard", and .hook files. Those commands are not for paper, but they reflect our intention of Hook solving all kinds of linking/ referencing problems.

I think this is a way cool idea! I’ve always done this manually in the past with a separate app, but it’d be awesome for Hook to be able to do it.

I’ve loved organizing cold storage and garage boxes with this technique. Take a quick photo of what’s inside the box, maybe even write up a quick summary of its contents, save that to DEVONthink or something similar, then attach the QR code to the box. Then you’ve got an awesome way to quickly see what’s in boxes without having to pry them open and rummage through them. :+1:

+1 for me!