Linking a new document into a group

Hi all,

Say I have a group of three documents — A, B, and C — that are all linked to each other in Hook. I want to add document D into this group. The easiest way to do this, it seems to me, would be to (1) copy the links for A, B, and C, (2) go to document D, and (3) link to copied addresses in Hook. However, I see no way of copying the links to all three documents in one go. If I go to document A and then open Hook and select “Copy All Links” this only copies the links to documents B and C, not to A, B, and C. Thus you first have to link D to B and C, then do the second step of linking D to A. Is there a way to add D to the group in one shot?



There currently isn’t. However, we do have a feature planned that would address this requirement.