Link with Mela (Recipes app by developer of Reeder)

I would like to request the support of Mela, which is a really nice app for collecting recipes

I am sending an email to the developer asking for Hook support, I will post his response here.

Super. If you would please ask them to support Reeder too that would be grand. They might like to look at:Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. Making their apps linkable would put them in some good company. The case for automation of linking is strong. We’ll be happy to help them if they have questions. (I’ve contacted them before.)


I have requested the support of Reeder (same developer, best RSS-reader on the market) twice but unfortunately never got any response.

Thanks for asking them. Have you, or anyone, tried Hook with NetNewsWire: Free and Open Source RSS Reader for Mac and iOS?

I have used NNW in the past but switched to Reeder. Reeder is truly superior in every way to all the other RSS readers I’ve tested.


Yes, Reeder and Mela are really good, unfortunately the developer never responds to any request (and this is quite rare, I quite often reach out to developers, and most of the time I get a response, even if I don’t get a feature I want/bug solved or I get template generic answer)

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