Link URLs to *All* Linked Stuff

Sorry, terrible title to this post, and I’m sure this is a rookie question, but I found myself doing something quite repeatedly and was wondering if there was a workflow tip I haven’t learned yet…

Here’s what I find myself doing repeatedly:

  1. Select folder in, invoke, copy Hook URL to that folder with ⌘C.
  2. Select OmniFocus project, invoke, link the folder to OmniFocus project with ⌘V.
  3. Anything else I want to link to both the folder and the OF project, I have to copy with Hook, and ⌘V / link with Hook to both the folder and the project manually.

Is there a way to have anything I link to the OF project, for example, also show as linked to anything that was linked to the OF project before (like the folder)?

I would just like to have to not worry about linking third, fourth, fifth, and so on, items to all of their previous counterparts manually, if possible.

I’d like to be able to invoke Hook on any of a project’s URLs and see all the links to and from all of those links, if that makes sense.

Is this already possible with Hook? Thanks in advance for any and all’s help!

You could use AppleScript to do this.

I generally use the hub-and-spoke model, which avoids this issue but does require an extra key-press to show all the links from the hub.

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We don’t have that yet, but it’s been in the pipeline since well before the first public beta. One of the ways in it which this will be visible will be in an INDIRECTLY HOOKED section of Hook’s popup window. Another is in a search view.


I would love this! It’s not a huge issue for me now, I can work around it, but I will anxiously wait for that update! :slight_smile:

Thanks for such an incredible app!

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Care to share your workflow and/or script? I’d love to see how you’re doing it.