Link to system contacts (Mac/iOS) possible?

Hi all

I was wondering if via hook I can link to system contacts (Mac/iOS) possible?

ie search via recast/alfred a contact and then generate a hook link for that contact that would auto ope that contact card?



Sorry it seems I am not understanding something here. could you please elaborate on your feature request?

Contacts is a linkable app for Hookmark. You can link a contact to other document.

Do you mean you want to do linking from Alfred?

Thank you

thx @bchend !

ahh ok I didn’t know it already was (couldn’t see docs)

I guess yeah I wonder if there is a way to search via spotlight (ie Alfred/raycast) for a contact and hook it that way or do you manually need to open the contacts app?



For now, manually open Contacts app is necessary. Maybe Alfred’s automation can help, I am not sure.