Link to Noteplan 3 Calendar Items?

Is it possible to link to Noteplan 3 Calendar items?

I routinely link to Noteplan 3 notes, but I receive the “No linkable item” when invoking Hook on calendar items.


Reviewing the NotePlan 2 a Noteworthy Linkable Planning App – Hook web page, I see it talked about linking to notes. I didn’t see an entry about linking to the events.

Looking at the AppleScript, it deals with NotePlan notes, not events. The way I remember it, Noteplan 2 did not have an AppleScript API for getting the title & URL of events. Maybe it added one to Noteplan 3. We can have a look , others might have an idea already.

Do you mean calendar notes?

I can get a Markdown link like [2021-08-03](noteplan://x-callback-url/openNote? for today’s calendar note because I’ve added content to it, but if I navigate to a date that I haven’t yet added any content I get the same “No linkable item found” message, which is correct; the file hasn’t yet been created for Hook to link to.

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I want to connect to specific items in the calendar like I can with BusyCal. With BusyCal I can create Hook links directly to the selected item in the calendar, but I cannot do that in Noteplan.