Link to highlight text within a title and identifier

Would it be possible to “copy link” to the hi lighted text rather than the entirety of the text within the title and unique identifier?

Hookmark Pro users who know how to automate could modify Hookmark’s Get Address script (In Preferences > Script Editor) to work with the selection and generate an ID.

That makes my day! I didn’t want to follow my frequent path of attempting something to later find out it isn’t possible.

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Apparently I’m not at that level yet :man_student:. Off and on since the original post.

Does “Copy link and selection” help?

Or you meant deep linking? Some apps support that. Which App you are trying to work with?

Could you please elaborate more if I misunderstood you? An example is the best.

Thank you

Thanks for the follow-up.
Does “Copy link and selection” help? : Nice feature but I was referring to deep linking. My problem is in the get address script for Agenda which uses the note and project titles for identifier keys. I thought I could set the selected text as a 3rd key. The next smaller element of a notes title is a paragraph (entry preceded and followed by a return?) which I would think could be used.

For instance; in the example I would like to link to number 2 by selecting some part or all and copy link or copy md link. If your are trying to link to some portion of a long note the backlink is much less useful when it goes to the whole note. Using the link in a shortcut is sometimes impossible.


I tried select different text within a note and using Agenda’s “Copy As”-> Agenda Link, it always return the same link as the note link.

It seems to me Agenda 17 only supports note level link. Correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you

You’re correct, Agendas own links only use NoteTitle and ProjectTitle. That’s why I started 2 weeks ago attempting to modify the get address script in Hookmark as per @LucBs’ suggestion earlier…

If Agenda does not support deep linking, changing Hookmark’s get address script will not solve the problem.

You can submit a feature request for deep linking to Agenda developers.

Thank you