Link to goodtask lists and smart lists

I see I can get a hook to individual tasks, but would love to hook to lists. That is supported by x-callback-url (e.g., goodtask3://view?title=Inbox&view=1) so should be possible.

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @jmk. And thanks for asking. I’m sure that would be helpful feature. I could fire up GoodTask but will ask: does the focus switch away from the selected item? Off the top of my head, it seems that Hookmark would first ask for a link to the selected item, and if that returns an error or nothing useful, then move on with another x-callback-url request to see if we can get the view, but that might not be the user’s intention – assuming that an error could be returned for a different reason. Ideally GoodTask would provide a combo method (maybe it does), which returns a link to whatever is selected. (Chaining x-callback-url calls can be a chore.)

If the list is the focus it has a dark blue background and the task has a grey background

If the task is the focus it has a purple background and the list has a muted purple background

In both cases, Hookmark selects the task.

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