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I thoroughly searched through the discussion forum so hopefully I didn’t miss the answer to this question…

I use daily notes in Craft for work meetings and often times I’ll want to take a block of text I’ve written and send it to Things. When I select the block in Craft and then share to Things using Craft’s built-in Things integration, the block of text is created as a task in Things with a deep link back to the block of text.

However, when I select a block of text and then enable Hook’s context menu, a link to the entire note is copied, not the specific block of text that I have selected. I’ve included a screenshot to help illustrate what I’m referring to.

My question is, what behavior should I expect in this case? Should Hook grab a link to the block of text I have selected or a link to the entire note?


Unfortunately, you have to open the block via ⌥⌘→ and link from there.

You can quickly go back to the previous page via ⌘←.

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Thanks for the reply @zsbenke! Exactly what you suggested is the workflow I’ve gotten used to since posting this. It works and isn’t a big deal.

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