Link to application or parent folders of a file, not only specific docs

Some applications that work with files, like Xcode or other project-based applications (say BBEdit) might benefit not from connecting to a specific file in the project but either to the project itself or to the application itself.

For example, on app level:
if I work in Xcode I might want quick access to Dash (help manager), apple forums, stack overflow, BBEdit etc. But it shouldn’t matter what file I’m working on. Currently, Hook will only suggest to connect to a specific file in Xcode, which is not that helpful.

Alternatively, I might want to connect a specific folder where Xcode project sources are located (so the project folder, which is one of the parent folders of the source file that Hook shows) to specific resources. Say, a specific folder (project) will benefit by connecting it to my notes or to dos for this project. Then, when I invoke Hook on any source inside this folder, I also want to see Hook that connect parent folders of the source file to other resources. This way, if I have a link to a specific file, it may show on top, but if not, Hook will suggest links that connect higher-level folders and Xcode itself, giving me access to resources on a granular level.

For an example implementation from the UI perspective you can see how Trickster allows removing or excluding files in a specific parent folder of the selected file:

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 20.04.23

I see that a partial suggestion like this was discussed here a year ago but nothing came out of it. This is a more complete suggestion which I think will make Hook much more useful to many people. What do you think, @LucB?

Thank you, @jacob !

Coincidentally, I revived this issue (App Level linking) internally today. We implemented the idea a while back but put it on ice because it wasn’t quite right. Currently, we are developing a search feature and Recent Items section in the Hook window.

The other feature is also part of the pipeline, so I think we’re on the same page.