Link to a specific Page in PDF using Preview / Any Other REader

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this has been solved for PDF files in DT Pro Office but I was wondering if there is a general possibility to link to a specific page in a PDF file. (that then is opened in “preview app”…or maybe any PDF reader of choice to cater for all tastes?)

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This is not yet in place, but is high on the Hook dev priority list.

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Linking to specific pfd pages with Hook would be great for attorneys as attorneys are giving hyperlinked documents to Courts as a courtesy copy.


One of my work processes generates a very large PDF with lots of sections in. (It’s a PDF with job dossiers in - and each dossier documents performance aspects of a particular mainframe z/OS batch job.)

Sticking my virtual fingers in the PDF at each section is a royal pain. So hooks to sections would help me, too.

(An advanced use case would be automating search in the PDF for each section and sticking a pin/hook in for each of them.)

So I, too, have a legitimate use case. In fact this might be my first “in Production” use case.


I would also like to lend a vote for this. I am currently working on a project with a lot of references to specific pages in a lot of pdfs, and it would be very helpful to be able to put links to reference pages in my working documents.

For the record, I use, and would recommend supporting if possible, Skim. It seems to be the go-to PDF reader for many people who I’ve spoken to who read PDFs professionally.

Thanks, @dr.cox and @mediapathic .

Deep PDF linking was introduced in Dec: Hook 2.2 Release Notes – Hook and has been augmented since then.

See: Deep PDF Links Take You Right Where You Need to Focus – Hook.

For a list of deep-linkable apps, see " PDF Readers supporting deep linking" on Linkable Mac Apps – Hook. That does include Skim, PDFpenPro and some others. But Preview does not have an API for deep linking, so there’s nothing anyone but Apple can do about that.

Aha! I had feared when I wrote this that it had been implemented and I’d missed it. For the record, I failed to find this feature because I missed that I needed to make a selection before invoking hook. But, I don’t think this behavior needs to be changed, because I suspect most people who need this feature will be using it in the way it was designed (I was trying to bookmark a section of the text, rather than make a specific citation).

Thanks, and apologies for the noise!

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