Link formatting from MacOS right click window is unexpected

When copying from the MacOS right-click menu in Finder and pasting into Pages and Numbers, an unexpected bullet point, whitespace and a period are added. These do not appear when copying via the full hookmark menu.

30-second video demonstration (expected formatting on first paste, unexpeted formatting on second paste): Screen Recording (

Is this a bug? Is there some way to avoid this?

Sorry about this, @f130984 .

it is formatted that way. The Hookmark Finder extension allows copying multiple files, which we think it might looks better with bullet points.

If you prefer text without bullet, you can use our Copy Links shortcut. I can modify it so it does not have bullet, if you like. You can modify it too.

Thank you

Thank you for replying.

I see, it makes sense for multiple files.
(For a future update, detecting whether one or multiple files is selected and formatting the output accordingly would be nice, of course. Also, I still don’t quite get the point of the line break and period at the end of the “list of links”)

I’m not sure what you mean by “our Copy Links shortcut” that has a modifiable output. Can you link me to some helpful documentation about this?

Will do.

That’s a bug. Will fix it.

Here it is:

Thanks so much :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I don’t have time to modify the shortcut right now, but I’ll happily wait for the update.