Learn OmniFocus - Session of Wed March 3 by Tim Stringer

Great news.

Tim Stringer, who many of you know, is a professionally-trained coach and a recognized productivity expert. He is the founder of Learn OmniFocus which has been providing OmniFocus coaching, consulting and training to people all over the world since 2010. Learn OmniFocus goes well beyond OmniFocus and simple productivity to helping people use software in ways that help them lead more fulfilling lives. Yes!

On Wed March 3 from 10:00 am - 11:30 am PST, at Learn OmniFocus, Tim will be presenting some use cases to showcase practical ways that Hook can be used to connect OmniFocus with others apps and services.

I will be in the audience. I hope to see many of you there and then.


Tim is active on many Mac software forums, including ours. Here you will recognize his handle @timstringer. I believe Tim was the first person to mention Craft on this forum ! CogSci Apps has been posting a lot about Craft, with more to come soon.


Thanks very much for the shout out, @LucB!

I’m very much looking forward to leading the Linking OmniFocus: Beyond Task Management session tomorrow (March 3). Hook will be a major focus (as well as Craft).

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That was a great session Tim! Those are very helpful productivity concepts for selecting and using apps to stay in flow.

All: Tim will make the recording available to members of the Learning OmniFocus service, which includes interactive sessions that have Q/A plus chat and get recorded, office hours, and more.


Thanks very much, Luc! I appreciate you participating in today’s session and helping field the flurry of Hook questions. I look forward to sharing the recording of this session next week (it will be added to the courses section) and to featuring Hook in future content.