Learn Daylite, Hook, keyboardmaestro and Zapier with Tim Stringer!

There’s a great opportunity to learn from @timstringer about getting more out of Daylite with some great automation software and OmniFocus.

LearnOmniFocus tweeted:

Join us Wed, Apr 27 :clock10: 10-11am PDT and learn:

:heavy_check_mark: The basics of @dayliteapp
:heavy_check_mark: How to link #OmniFocus + Daylite with built-in features, @HookProductvT & @keyboardmaestro
:heavy_check_mark: How to use @zapier to auto-create OmniFocus actions when Daylite changes

Register on the Learn OmniFocus website.

It makes a lot of sense to connect your Daylite items with Hook, as does using the powers of Keyboard Maestro and Zapier. I’m delighted Tim is offering this session.

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Thanks for the shout-out, @LucB!

I’m looking forward to leading the Using OmniFocus with Daylite session tomorrow. It will also be available in course format to Learn OmniFocus Members the following week.

The session/course includes a section that shows how Hook can be used as the glue between Daylite and OmniFocus. Specifically, I’ll be showing how a single action list in OmniFocus can be linked to a company in Daylite and how a Daylite task can be transformed into an OmniFocus project.

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Using OmniFocus with Daylite course by @timstringer is now available on Learn OmniFocus website..

Tweeted details: Learn OmniFocus on Twitter: “NEW Course :mortar_board: Using #OmniFocus with #Daylite: https://t.co/irIZXAiHzE The FREE portion of the course covers Daylite basics. Join Learn OmniFocus to access the FULL course and learn how to use @dayliteapp alongside @OmniFocus. Features @HookProductvT, @keyboardmaestro & @zapier. https://t.co/UAPUPHhdjO” / Twitter.

It includes tips on using Daylite and Hook and other software like OmniFocus and Craft. The principles are general. Even if you don’t use OmniFocus or Craft, the same principles Tim illustrated still apply. Daylite is superior to Contacts app for linking because the links are more robust. Daylite also has a ton of other features that Contacts does not have.

Last year I blogged about Using Hook & OmniOutliner as a Contact Management System: Link a Contact to Meeting Minutes & More. And Hook has built-in templates for contact management with text files and OmniOutliner files. Daylite can be a natural source for Hook to New > folder.

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