Launching Hook on login

Hook 2.2.2, macOS 11.2.1, Intel Mac.

I have seen this help page: General Preferences Tab – Hook

But I cannot see on the general preferences page of the app any option to start Hook on login in:

CleanShot 2021-02-15 at 15.50.05@2x

Am I missing something.

The documentation needs to be updated. We decided it is best not to duplicate macOS functionality, so we removed the feature. This simplifies the UI and improves reliability. Here’s how to do it: Open items automatically when you log in on Mac - Apple Support.

Thank you for the information. Although Hook is one of the few utility apps I use which does not have an option in its preferences concerning login (Keyboard Maestro, Default Folder X, Dropzone, etc).

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Big Sur 11.2.1 When trying to add Hook 2.2.2 to the Login Items for my Admin user account the + button at first yields an abbreviated number of applications with Hook nowhere to be found.

If I then manually navigate to my Applications folder Hook is there but when I select it and try to add it to Login Items it doesn’t show up.

I feel (though my memory is not always reliable) that I used to be able to automatically launch Hook on Start up like with other apps.

Your answer 12 days ago to the original poster as to why it is not available in Preferences like so many other apps is confusing. Not sure what about leaving it out of login would “improve reliability” of Hook.

I guess I will have to keep manually starting Hook after I Start Up my computer.

Seems curious.

P.S. After rebooting the whole computer one more time, Hook now IS in the login items and DOES start up. Big Sur strikes again, I guess.

Some users had issues with the feature. We felt that rather than spend time on what macOS already does we should dedicate resources elsewhere. For the record, ever since my return to the Mac in 2002, I’ve been paying very careful attention to what other apps do. So, yes I know that many apps add login items there. Generally we try to be aligned with what best of breed apps are doing. However, in this case I do feel that letting macOS do its job is the best. I’d like to add a link or note from the Hook’s General Preferences to macOS preferences so users can at least tell that they can set this in macOS preferences. I do recognize and respect that different users have different opinions about this and much else. We certainly appreciate hearing our customers’ opinions.

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Would it be plausible to bring back a checkbox to launch at startup, except under the hood, add to the Login Items? When I went to do this just now, I saw a few other applications that had done it on their own, so I’m assuming it’s possible.