LaunchBar Action updated

Hi there, we have recently updated Hookmark’s LaunchBar Action.

We’ll release the Alfred Workflow later today ( 2023-03-08)


Has Alfred Workflow been released? :eyes:

It’s here: Free Alfred Workflows for Hookmark – Hookmark

Hello, thank you for this, I looked at Launchbar following this post and love what it does. I do have one question regarding Hookmark’s integration with it: would it be possible to create an action that offers the option to create a Hookmark file in the ‘send’ menu?

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This could be done with AppleScript. Hookmark does not have a Make Hookmark File API because it is not a primitive, but it could easily be composed.

We’ll add a macOS Shortcut for it however: Shortcuts Actions – Hookmark . Also stay tuned for the Hookmark Finder extension :wink: .