Kosmik hookmark integration

I use whiteboards as a productivity tool since onenote.
There is a new infinite whiteboard app, already available (and I’m an ambassador), called kosmik. It tries to do lots of things, and its 2.0 version with so many improvements is coming to its beta in june.
For the sake of good integrations with reminders and ical, I also use Agenda and I think both apps would fit very well together. That’s why I’d like to suggest the team to look for possibilities to implement hook linking in kosmik. The app is supposed to ship:

  • PDF reading with text and picture extraction (soon with source backlinking)
  • It has an integrated browser and source backlinking is going to be so powerful in this context
  • Tags, smart tags
  • Smart boards

It solves many issues that certain apps present due to you being able to simply login your service directly into it: raindrop, readwise, pinterest, whatever.
With hook 6 bringing ios support, that integration would be neat
Their website: https://www.kosmik.app/

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @Lua .

Thank you for letting us know this great app. But it seems there is no way to get links. Perhaps 2.0 version will support it?

Thank you

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I’m really excited for it and asked the devs twice for hookmark support. I’m quite active in the community and am expecting some sort of deep linking considering it has a source backlinking planned. How can I request this to be added? What specifically it needs? X-callback urls?

Here is the info you can pass to the developers:

Thank you very much for your effort!

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I got in contact with Paul from Kosmik, and I guess he’ll get to you anytime

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