Keyboard Maestro not getting the right Hook link with cmd-c to put into OmniFocus

Hi all,

I am trying to create a Keyboard Maestro macro that will enable me to grab the link and create a new task in OmniFocus, putting the link in the notes. I can get Hook to grab the link from the page and run through the process of putting the link into OmniFocus. I am just using keyboard commands with delays between keystrokes (open to something for wiz-bang if you know it).

Anyway, if I do it by hand, I get the correct Hook URL into OmniFocus.

If I use KM doing the same steps, the paste into the notes of OmniFocus will often give me the previous Hook link. It’s almost like the second time I press cmd-c (only with KM), the copy link command doesn’t work.

I’ve pasted the KM commands below, and it seems like I am doing it the way I have seen others. Any help is appreciated. This one is wounding my ego :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for any help.

Macro image should be read left to right.