Keeping Curation Notes / Hook & Spotify

Hi, folks. I’m a licensed user of Hook, but just getting started appreciating its awesome power. I watched some YouTube videos about Hook last evening and it got me thinking that this tool may be able to scratch an itch I’ve long had. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out exactly how I might do it.

The issue is this: Like a lot of people, I enjoy reading curations, be they lists of great books, restaurants, movies, etc. I squirrel away these curations in notes (usually DEVONthink, but it could be any note-taking tool) so that I can refer to them later.

Of particular interest to me now is recommendations for music. I might read a critical review of an album and want to have notes about that review handy for when I actually listen to the album on Spotify. My notes may be about a particular Spotify track, or about an album, or about a playlist that I’ve constructed or subscribed to.

When I try Hook from Spotify, I get “No linkable item found.”

I know from hunting around here a bit today that some Hook scripts exist with regard to Spotify. I’m happy to dig in to investigate more, but before I do, I was hoping someone could tell me if what I’m hoping to do is even do-able, or just impossible at this stage.

Best regards,
– Robert