Issues hooking to Capacities and DT3

Hello -
Newish to Hookmark (loving it) and having some odd behaviors trying to hook from Bookends.

When in Bookends and I invoke Hook to New in Capacities I get a new Page with this title: “Morris,%20C.,%20Janssens,%20A.,%20Tomlinson,%20R.,%20Williams,%20J.,%20%26%20Logan,%20S.%20(2013).%20Towards%20a%20definition%20of%20neurodisability:%20a%20Delphi%20survey.%20Dev%20Med%20Child%20Neurol,%2055(12),%201103-1108.%20” and the included backlink in the content has the same %20 issue.

Hook formats the title correctly in its popup window, and when I invoke Hook on Bookends and manually copy the link and paste into Capacities it works well.

When I Hook to New on a pdf from DT3 to Capacities it has the same %20 problem, so perhaps this is a Capacities script problem?

Hook to New from Bookends to Drafts gives properly formatted markdown.

Not likely related but also confusing:
When I Hook to New from Bookends to DT3 I get a new blank RTF with a properly formatted Title but no link that I can find. Maybe that’s a me problem?

MacOS, Hookmark (app and scripts), Capacities, and DT3 are all on the latest versions.

Much thanks!

Sorry about this issue.

I just tried but couldn’t reproduce the “%20” issue. What’s your script version. The latest is 294.

Could you please send us some screenshots which can illustrate the problem, without private information?

This is the current implementation. Would you like a link in the file?

Thank you

Thanks! Attaching a screenshot of Hook to New page in Capacities result, using latest scripts (294) and versions of all the things.

I’d love a backlink in Hook to DT3, like with the Hook to Capacities …

Thank you for the info!

We were able to reproduce the problem. The fix is in script version 295.

Could you please update Hookmark script (Hookmark preferences window->Update->Check now) and see if it works?

Thank you

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Perfection! Thanks so much for the swift fix …