Issue with Ulysses Mac app and TextExpander

Hi, I know Hookmark doesn’t work well with Ulysses. But every time I launch Hookmark in Ulysess, it always brings up a Textexpander window. (please see the screenshot.)

Is there any way not to let the Textexpander window pop up? Thanks.

Sorry about this issue.

The script for Ulysses uses option + control + command +c shortcut to copy the note ID.

Is that the shortcut to invoke TextExpander on your mac?

Hi, Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, I do use option + control + command +c for TE.

Is there any way to modify the shortcut in the script for Ulysses. Or I have to change my shortcut for TE?


Perhaps it is easier to change the shortcut for TE.

I am not sure there is a way to change the shortcut in Ulysses.

Thank you

Noted. Thanks again.