Issue with text colour while renaming

For some reason, this has just started over the last few days, if I try and rename a Hook then I get white text on a white background.

If I switch to Dark Mode I get white text on a dark background, which is fine.

Hook - Version 5.0.1 (5327; Integration . 261) installed via SetApp

CleanShot 2023-02-23 at 14.33.48

Sorry for the trouble.

We will fix the problem in next release.

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looping you in…

This problem persists in Version 5.0.2 beta (5332; Integration v. 268)

hoookmark 3 of 3
hookmark 2 of 3
hookmark 1 of 3

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Sorry about this. Version 5.0.2 does not contain this fix.

Hookmark 5.1 will have this fix.

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Is there an ETA for this fix? Cheers

The latest release 5.1 and up should have the fix. Have you tried it?

Thank you!

Yeah this is sorted now, thanks