Issue with Hookmark: Pasting Markdown Link instead of URL Link

When using Hookmark, I encountered an issue. For example, when I selected a piece of content in Skim software, called Hookmark, and pressed Cmd+C, when I opened a document for pasting, it automatically pasted a Markdown Link, but I expected a URL Link. Can you explain why this is happening? (I am sure I pressed Cmd+C, not Cmd+M). Thank you.

Sorry about this issue.

I just tried it and it seems to be working fine when you paste the link in a BBEdit document, or a txt format TextEdit document. Could you please give it a try and see if this is the case?

But when I paste the link in a Obsidian note, it is formatted as a Markdown link. I think this is an Obsidian feature. Which App did you used to paste the link?

Thank you

Yes, I tried pasting the content into note-taking apps like cotEditor, and it was in the form of a URL link. However, when pasted into drafts and Obsidian, it became a Markdown link. This suggests that it’s not caused by specific plugins in Obsidian but rather a system mechanism. I hope someone can research the underlying reason for this. Thank you so much!!!