Issue with accented characters in Hookmarks?

I don’t recall seeing anything odd with accented characters, even with the hook that started acting weirdly this morning. This is what I saw:

The content of the .hookmark file is :

[pnl: héloise maths](hook://file/NNrQIRmZw?p=UHJvamVjdHMvcG5s&n=he%CC%81loise%5Fmaths)

I’m not sure what’s going on. Only thing I can think of is that I’ve been playing around with building the markdown links by hand or using Alfred (basically requesting a descriptor which MAY be different from the “project folder” name that is pointed to…

Thank you for reporting this issue, @seishonagon . We will have a look.

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could you please have a look inside the .hook file to see if there is a strangely titled Markdown link in there?

Hookmark files now have the .hookmark file extension, but Hookmark does support “.hook”.

Or is it possible the file encoding in the file is different from expected? What editor did you use? UTF-8 encoding or not? My guess is: not.