Isn't PDF expert pretty much the same as PDFpenpro

If it is, then is deep linking possible with that program?

I have been using Highlights pdf program. I like it real well except that I can’t do deep linking with it and I’m really getting tired of not being able to do deep linking.

If it doesn’t work with PDF expert, does deep linking work with PDFpenPro still?

What are peoples favorite PDF program (must be able to be used on Mac and iOS, preferably iPad too).

I have both PDFpenpro and PDF Expert. They are both good apps, but over the years I’ve come to like the UI for PDF Expert more.

I am just checking out Hook again after 2-3 years. I see they’ve made significant improvements, but in another thread, I’m trying to figure out if I can get the scripts to work for PDF Expert. So far, it seems to work sometimes, and not others. Also, deep links have not been working, although others have had success. PDF Penpro, however, seems to work flawlessly, including deep links.

I’ve also come to realize that it is on iOS (iPad in particular) where I feel the UI for PDF Expert is superior. So… I’m going to see if I can get the scripts to work for Expert for a bit more, but if not, my plan is to switch back to using PDF Penpro on Mac, and Expert of iOS. Hope that’s of some help…


I love Highlights because it lets me make my PDF notes in markdown (it even renders images!) and I can export my markdown as well.

But when I want to create a Hook link into a PDF, I have to go to PDFpenPro. :pensive:

I wish the creator of Highlights could be persuaded to let Hook work with it, but he hasn’t replied to my attempt to contact him.

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there’s also Skim app that supports deep links.

Yes deep linking works with this app.