Is there any way to get a hook to a trello card?

I have a shared Trello board with my team, and I manage my own tasks in Omnifocus.
It’s been suprisingly hard (as in - almost impossible) to find any sort of integration between the two.

I’m looking at baking my own, but in the meantime I was trying to see if I could get a hook into a trello card to put in a note in Omnifocus.

I’m assuming, because the card seems to be a popup in a browser window, that it’s not going to work, is it?

If you click on a trello card, when it is popped up it changes the address in the browser. Therefore, that browser address is Hookable with no issues. But, this will not work in the Trello applications that are not in a web browser.

Thanks. I thought I’d tried that - but I guess i didn’t since it works well.
That said, I also noticed that the Trello app has a “Copy Current URL” command that outputs, so one can use the method described in my post here to hook from Trello.
There are shortcomings: I can’t get a title yet, nor open it back in the app. If anyone has the regex and API knowledge to do it, i’d be happy!

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