Is there a way to use the keyboard shortcut without hook moving the window to the middle?

Hey there,

I love using Hook, been using it for a while so obviously got into the habit of using the keyboard shortcut and the Alfred workflows and all. Now the only problem I have is that whenever I use (command + space + space) shortcut or its equivalent in your own setup, Hook moves/centers the window I am using.

Is there a way to get rid of that? Does it only happen to me?

Any help is appreciated, it’s driving me nuts and honestly, it almost seems like a negative stimulus at this point to using Hook.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @zeevkeane, and thanks for asking.

I guess you mean ⇧⌘SPACE (rather than double space), i.e., Hook’s keyboard shortcut is ⇧⌘SPACE.

Hook is not supposed to move other windows, nor have we received reports of that to my memory. It sounds like some other automation tool is kicking in – perhaps triggered by that second space?

Incidentally: In Hook 2.0 (coming soon), once Hook is invoked, pressing the space bar triggers its Quick Look.

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It was a type, i meant the (shift command space) normal hook shortcut.

Thanks for answering me, I will double-check all my other automation to find out where and why this happens.

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