Is there a way to clean up bookmarks or just web bookmarks in bulk?

I’ve been using Hook for 2 years and currently have almost 3000 bookmarks,
most of them are hyperlinks in my writing which are pasted from web pages by hook shortcut.
Important local hooked links are very few.

I also have another section of bookmarks that contains a good number of invalid or obsolete links (link to deleted local files).

Currently Hook can only be deleted individually, and a confirmation window pops up each time.


I wonder the same thing. Delete bookmarks in bulk is a must. And even better, a bookmark management window (tag, folder, …) to arrange bookmarks easily into multiple categories.

Bulk deletion is on the road map. We haven’t given it as high priority compared to other features because Hook is mainly a contextual tool. It is also a bookmark manager of course, and we’re increasing the number of features associated with that. You can rapidly accumulate lots of bookmarks with Hook , so the idea is not to manicure/curate too much what’s inside Hook; the interface is designed to just show you what’s relevant, whether contextually or via a search. The obsolete bookmarks won’t slow Hook down. But yes the obvious multi-select, multi-delete, etc. is coming. Thanks for your patience.