Is there a way to change the keyboard shortcut for "hook to new..."

it’s currently ctrl-cmd-n, which conflicts with something else in my system I cannot change. I’m trying to get a shortcut that brings up the list of apps I can hook to so I can then create a Keyboard Maestro shortcut to hook it to a new task in OmniFocus.

And a related question: to even get to that manually I hit ctrl-h to bring up the hook window, then I have to click on the pizza boxes icon in the upper right to bring up those options from which I then select hook to new. Is there a way to use the keyboard to get to that menu instead of having to mouse click?

The keyboard shortcut can be changed in System Preferences: How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS.

It’s called the title menu. Its keyboard shortcut is ⌃T, per All Commands & Shortcuts – Hook. See also the first diagram in Hook Window – Hook.

⌃L exposes the selected link’s menu.
⌃G exposes the Gear menu.


this was very helpful, thanks.

I couldn’t get ctrl-opt-n to work to invoke hook to new but knowing how to access the title menu gave me what I needed to use Keyboard Maestro to create a couple macros that will help me be more willing to use Hook, now I can automagically use a hotkey to create a new task in Omnifocus with that link as a note, or create a markdown link for a given selection (which I then often paste into Roam). Obviously I’m a neophyte with Hook but I look forward to learning more.

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