Is Skim 1.7 deep linking working with HookMark?

Recently updated to Skim 1.7 and noticed today that HookMark deep linking with Skim is broken on my system. Works fine within the app, but HookMark deep, page linking no longer works here. Brings up the pdf but not the page.

Humm…just downgraded to 1.6.15 and issue persists.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Sorry about this issue, @Tom .

What’s your Hookmark version and macOS version?

If you do copy link, can you get deep link?

Could you please try give Hookmark Full Disk Access and see if it solves the problem? Not all people need this. But for some reason, some macs need this for Hookmark to work.

Also, could you please make sure the script has not been changed? If the “Reset to default” button is enabled, that means the script has been changed.

Thank you

No worries, this is a great community and HookMark is great. I am not sure if anyone else is having this issue?

My HookMark version is: 6.01 (5788)
I am using Sonoma 14.2.1
Skim version: 1.7 (152)

Skim script in Hookmark is default.
HookMark has full disk access is verified.
Skim is the default pdf app

Here is a sample link I get back from Hookmark

Link opens to the front page of pdf.
Skim links from the app itself work perfect.

Hope that helps and thanks for the help.


ps… Here are Skim’s 1.7 release notes

Skim Release Notes

Changes since 1.6.21

NOTE: macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and earlier are no longer supported as of 1.7

New Features

  • Update Sparkle updater, enhanced security.
  • Hidden shortcut ‘,’ in Presentation mode to show the cursor settings.

Bugs Fixed

  • Tweak links that implicitly fit the target.
  • Improve initial print panel settings.
  • Try to fix certain relative links.
  • Fix snapshot thumbnails on newer OS systems.
  • Fix presentation page transitions on newer OS systems.
  • Improve full screen animation.
  • Fix Windows menu layout.
  • Remove deprecated Greeking Threshold and Anti-Alias preferences.
  • Fix exiting Presentation after adding multiple temporary freehand notes.
  • Allow dvi and ps conversion command from homebrew.
  • Allow PostScript transparency commands for ps2pdf from regular installations.
  • Fix restoring scroll location in PDF.
  • Better feedback when dragging multiple pages from Overview.

Changes since 1.6.20

Bugs Fixed

  • Allow clicking links in note tool mode.
  • Improve undo in presentation mode.
  • Make sure committing text note edits is undone separately from adding notes.
  • More efficient loading of documents with many notes.
  • Prevent note edits when interaction settings don’t allow it.
  • Make sure forward search updates the correct document.
  • Support transparency in PostScript conversion on Sonoma.

Thank you for the info and kind words, @Tom .

The link is not a deep link. Have you selected some text before doing “Copy Link”?

Thank you

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Newbie mistake, I selected the highlight but did not select the text. Problem solved. Deep linking returns!

Thanks @bchend