Is it possible to share Hook's license?

Hi, I want to team up to buy a Hook license and share with others. Just like Microsoft 365 Family plan.

Does Hook support that? In case it’s a Yes, anyone interested in sharing it with me?

Sharing with others that way would violate the license agreement. (I assume what you describe with MS family plans would also violate the terms of the Microsoft 365 Family plan, FWIW.)

Hi, thank you for telling me that. I see this line so I may misunderstand Hook’s license policy:

Can you explain this line @LucB for me please?

For Microsoft 365 Family, I don’t think I violate its term though. FYI: Learn more about sharing your Microsoft 365 Family subscription

Please refer to the end user license agreement contained in the disk image which users must agree to in order to access Hook legally. The buy page refers to “you”, not “you and your friends”. Various legal terms are also referenced on Legal – Hook.

PS, the Buy page does say:

Additional software- and license-terms are in the disk image containing Hook, available from Hook’s download page.

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I understand it now, thank you very much :wink:

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