Is it possible to have several different Things/Omnifocus templates?


I am a translator, editor, and writer by trade. I often receive text documents to translate or review. I would really like to be able have separate Create New scripts for my task manager for files I am to translate, review, write etc, as there are predictable sequences of tasks involved for each type of assignment. Is it possible at present to have more than one script linked to a certain app, and then add keyboard shortcuts for them?


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Hi Jan,

At this point, one can only have one template per file extension. The same app can be configured in macOS to open different extensions. The same text editor might be configured in macOS to open .txt and .md files. In that case, you can have multiple custom templates that open with the same app.

Hook does not explicitly support templates for database style apps in the same way. (However, on a related topic, Hook 1.5 has the ability to make database style apps the default Link to New app.)

One could in principle program the Link to New script of an app to have different templates, prompting you for one. We don’t have specific scripts to share for that at the moment. And the template mechanism does not have specific support for that either. However, I can see that this could in principle be made systematic (UI could be a submenu of Link to New > App. The templates could be stored in same or related custom templates folder with special extensions for app names, or something like that). We haven’t had a lot of requests for this. I believe it came up last year , I would need to check. I can definitely see the value of it.

For now, I would recommend using a text expansion utility for your templates. There are many apps that can help with that.

Others on the forum might already been doing this.

Thanks for your response!

I’m going to give my strategy some thought and see what I come up with.