Is Hook to New supposed to create a bidirectional link?

If I’m on a website, and I open Hook to Hook to New, it opens a new document as configured in the Notes tab. :white_check_mark:

When I open Hook on the website again, I see the link to the newly created note :white_check_mark:

When I go to my Note, and try to open Hook, I don’t see a link back to the page :x:

Is this expected behavior? I can manually link it no problem, but it feels like an extra step.

Hook to New should create a bidirectional link.

What type of new item are you creating? Particular app?

I’m making, and I think I realized the problem.

I’m using Obsidian, but don’t want it to open Markdown files outside of vaults that it uses, so I have it opening a new Hook in iA Writer. I was then opening in Obsidian, expecting it to be there, but I expect the bidirectional link is being made with iA Writer instead of Obsidian.

that would explain it.

When the obsidian API stabilizes, we will try to develop a variant of the scripts that would return hook://file/ URLs instead. That would ensure the hooks show up across all apps (as long as they all use hook://file/ URLs). It wouldn’t be the default ; but people could use it.

Down the road we would also like to support address unification, where the same resource can have multiple addresses (synonyms), and Hook will deal recognize the identity. This would be useful also in cases like DEVONthink indexed folders, where a resource can have both a hook://file/ URL and an x-devonthink-item URL .

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I’m wondering the same thing - I’m using Drafts, but I’ve also tried in Text Edit (working through the Link to PDF tutorial) and failing miserably to get things to behave.
I’m sure it’s me not Hook, but I’m trying to work out the best way to create a Note that is a one point summary for documents - folders etc. And mostly I’m getting a mess.
I’m working through the tutorials and I understand the concepts and power, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @shookfoil .

Yes, the app takes a bit of getting used to. But in the end it’s quite a simple “dance”. The easiest way to start using Hook involves practicing this three step dance a few times:

  1. In Finder or other compatible app with an item selected or open, invoke Hook with keyboard shortcut ( ⇧⌘SPACE).
  2. From Title menu: Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link. (or keyboard shortcut: ⌘C to copy, or ⌘M Copy Markdown Link.) Hook disappears briefly at this point. (Similar behavior to Spotlight popup , LaunchBar and Alfred, which come and go.)
  3. Then you can paste the link anywhere, such as in a Notes, Drafts or Craft document. Just do ⌘V (don’t need to invoke Hook to paste).

Regarding step 2: if your goal is to paste the link in a plain text markdown app, like Drafts, your best bet is to choose Copy Markdown Link, otherwise you’ll (typically) just paste the URL, not the link name.

Once you get the hang of that 3-step “dance”, you could move onto hooking stuff together.

Step 3 would be to invoke Hook in the destination item and choose Hook to Copied Link. Next time you invoke Hook on either side of the link, you will see a link to the other side.

After getting the hang of that, try Hook to New. That one does a lot of things at once.

Thank you. I think I’ve got it working now.

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