Is deep link to a pro feature?

I can link to an pdf and open it with skim by setting via Mac’s setting. But, how could I create a deep link into a certain page of the pdf?

I see that in the forum, some other purpose an apple script about behavior modification on how to open a pdf via skim. But since I’m not a pro-user, I could not use this script for testing.

Any idea?


confirm that the no linkable problem is discussed here.

Problem should solve if updating skim to 1.16.13

But another bug occurs, that’s I can’t jump directly to the deep link page though I could open the file with skim

And finally, in this post, I find out my solution to get the whole stuff works. That’s reinstall skim. I suspect the update mechanism within skim has some bugs.

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @leekeifon . Thanks for bringing this up.

Glad to see that got sorted out. we had a few people who had this issue and we couldn’t figure out why.
Needing to reinstall is rare for Mac, but glad that it works.