iOS Integration

Hello there, is there a road map for more integration to Apple iOS? I’m interested in plans to work with iPad to Mac integration.
Cheers ALN

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Yes, Hookmark on iOS would be a breakthrough. Would it happen in 2023? @LucB

@LucB Whenever iPad/iOS Hookmark Beta Releases Please Notify Or Please Share To Subscribed Users Of Newsletter

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @AndrewLNash, and thanks for asking.

Hookmark Mobile has been in beta for one year. It is due out in H1-2023. Please feel free to Message support if you’d like access to TestFlight. We appreciate the interest and the testing helping.

re product road map, we aim to publish the next major releases of Hookmark (both of which are nearly complete; our software team has been working in parallel for many months) and then Hookmark mobile. However, the details may vary so we’d rather remain non committal regarding precise dates.

@LucB i did ask for testing hookmark ipad with testflight in support mail but no reply yet

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