Invoking Hook with Keyboard Maestro Macro Group

Hello Hook Community, I am new to Hook and have my difficulties to remember the many shortcuts of the individual apps.

Therefore I have created a macro group / palette in Keyboard Maestro. To execute a Hook action, I just have to remember a shortcut (⌥ + ,) and then start the respective Hook action with the first letter.

Here are a few examples:

Since I can’t post the Keyboard Maestro macro here in the forum, you can contact me in the KM Forum (@appleinaer) if you are interested. I am happy to make the macro available there.


That’s cool. Thanks for sharing @alexander. And welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum.

Is there a setting that prevents posting? CogSci Apps is fine with people sharing Keyboard Maestro macros here that integrate with Hook.

Thank you very much for the nice welcome @LucB :+1:

Unfortunately the Keyboard Maestro macro format cannot be uploaded to the forum:


Here is a download link. The KM Macro I have stored there:


If you use @LucB as well as Keyboard Maestro and Pastebot for the clipboard, this workflow would surely be something for you:

I have added the Pastebot workflow to my Keyboard Maestro palette. Here is the link for the palette you can see in the gif:



trying to find you at KM … I’m pl0 there

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Is the title of this thread accurate? “Start Hook” seems to me different from the subject matter. Perhaps the title could be edited to say something like “Invoking Hook”.

Don’t get me wrong; This thread is interesting - and I almost didn’t read it because of the title.

@MartinPacker, you are right, the title is confusing. Please excuse me, I wasn’t the most diligent inEnglish subrecht and use DeepL for the translations.

Unfortunately I can’t change it myself anymore.

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I’ve changed it. Thanks again for it!


Keine probleme. As you can tell my German isn’t great - so I’m in no position to criticise your English.

Anyhow, now to re-read the thread …

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