Invoking hook link splits Scrivener editor

Moving to Scrivener section from linked item causes the editor (of this section) to split

(Splitting itself is a standard feature of Scrivener from ‘view’–> ‘editor layout’ menu.)

The kind of split (vert/horiz) depends on the last kind of split used.

Subsequent usage of the same link does not revert the editor split.

Any ideas what can cause this behavior?

Scrivener 3.2.2, Hook 3.2.1

Just as an initial question: have you checked the relevant section in Scrivener’s Preferences? There is an option to change how links are opened (e.g. in this editor, in a split, as a Quick Reference window etc).

I’m not at my Mac at the moment so can’t give you the precise location of the option, but I’d start off in Behaviours, where I think it’s found.


It worked - thank you so much!

For reference:
Having in Scrivener:
Properties → Behaviors → Document Links → Open clicked document links in: Other Editor

causes editor to split when invoking hook link to Scrivener section. Changing to “Current Editor” prevents this behavior.

Thanks again!

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I’m glad it worked for you!